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Dear Volleyballers,

On Sunday the 8th of March it’s happening again: the Café De Doos External Tournament! Invite friends and family, sign up and compete for great prizes! Coffee, tea, fruit and other goodies will be provided during the tournament.

All the facts on a row:
When: Sunday March 8th, from 11 a.m.
Where: ACLO sports center, HG hall
Costs: € 25 per team
You can subscribe / unsubscribe until: Sunday 1 March, 12 p.m.
Please note: full=full

Saterday March 7 you can allready get in the mood and warm up those muscles with some dances.
March 7, from 11 pm, the ‘Café De Doos External Tournament’ party takes place! And yes, not to be missed, this is in Café De Doos. Of course we don’t do this without a theme. This year’s theme is: Glitters & Pirates! (Freely accessible)

Sign up and see you then!

The Activities Committee, Kroton

Dear Krotonners,

Winning 20 euro drink credit just before the monthly social, what more do you want? In addition, Leeuwenrace points can be scored when you participate with 3 other teammies! The pub quiz starts at 6.15 PM on January 15. The quiz is concluded with the monthly social. Participation is free!

Sign up here:

Don’t forget it, you will regret it!

Love, the Accie