Women’s and men’s teams registered for 1st / 2nd division, 3rd division / main class, 1st / 2nd class and mix 1st / 2nd / 3rd division & main class, 1st / 2nd class play 2 against 2.
Ladies and men’s teams who have registered for 3rd / 4th class and mix 3rd / 4th class play 3 against 3.
Recreational teams play 4 against 4.
Field size: At all levels, matches will be played on fields of 8 x 16 m.

Match duration

Women’s and men’s teams 3rd / 4th class, mix 3rd / 4th class, recreational teams and youth

The pool matches last 18 minutes.
Two minutes after the final signal of the matches, the next matches start. No sets are played, and the score for whole duration is counted.
After a total of 7 played points, the teams will switch sides.
If a rally is played at the moment the stop signal is given, this rally will be played out and counts towards the final score.

Women’s and men’s teams 2nd class and higher and mix 2nd class and higher

Each team plays 2 sets against the opponent, but the 2nd set against the same opponent will take place after 1 set has been played against the other opponents from the pool.
Since matches in the different pools do not end at the same time, the start and end times of the matches will differ per pool. After a set has been won, the next game in the pool starts again after 2 minutes.
After a total of 7 played points, the teams will switch sides.


Women’s and men’s teams 3rd / 4th class, mix 3rd / 4th class, recreational and youth

Pool matches, quarter finals and semi-finals are played on time
The finals are 2 won sets up to 21 points and possibly a third set up to 15 points

Women’s and men’s teams 2nd class and higher and mix 2nd class and higher

On the basis of the results of the group matches, winners ‘and losers’ pools are made.
The scores of the starting pools are taken into account.
Distribution of winners ‘and losers’ pools
Depending on the size and quantity of the groups, the teams are divided into groups based on the results of the starting groups.
If there is 1 pool in the category, another round of matches is played in the same group.
If there are 2 pools, the top half of the ranking goes to the winner pool and the bottom half to the losers pool.
If there are 3 pools a winner, middle class and losers pool is made.
If there are 4 pools, the pools are divided into winners, high and low middle class and losers pool.
When there is no even number of teams, we look at points balance to determine who goes to which pool. The best teams may then advance to the higher pool. For example: if there are 2 groups of 5, the numbers 1 and 2 of both groups go to the winner pool together with the best number 3.


Sets of up to 21 points and sets of up to 15 points have to be won with 2 points difference
After a total of 7 played points, half of the game is changed. In the third set, every 5 points are changed.
In the event of a tie in the preliminary rounds, the points balance is decisive. When this is equal, it is decided on the basis of the result of the mutual confrontation. If this is also the same, then the competition management will take part.

Every team is obliged to supply a counter and an referee. Match tickets are at the fields. After a match, the relevant competition letter must be handed in immediately to the competition management, signed by both teams.
If a team is not present 5 minutes after the specified time, the referee will whistle the match. The team present won the match 10-0.
The competition management reserves the right to disqualify non-referee teams after a warning.

Further useful to know
On both days the matches start at 10.00 am, the participating teams must be present by 9.30 am at the latest. Registration is possible from 9.00.
Each team needs to bring a beach volleyball.
The Kroton Beach Commitee has the right to place a team that registers above or below its level in a different category.


The Kroton Beach volleyball tournament is played according to the ‘official beach volleyball rules’, of the NeVoBo. There are some important differences with the indoor volleyball that have to be taken into account.

Allowed on the beach, but not with indoor volleyball:

The players are free to choose the position and no setup errors can be made. Storage order is fixed. The counter and / or referee must indicate the correct serving order. When the wrong player is going to serve, they must correct it.
Even if you observe after a few points that the wrong order has been followed, you must act as if the current rally is lost. Never subtract points!
There is only one serve attempt, for which 5 seconds has been given.
All touches of the net are wrong, unless dThe wind can be passed if the opponent is not directly or indirectly hindered. The so-called ‘holdball’ where two players on the net try to push the ball to each other’s field is allowed. When the ball goes out, the team where the ball comes out of the field is lost. After a maximum of three ball touches, the ball has to go over the net. ATTENTION: A block also counts as a touch (this rule only applies to 2 x 2). Two or more players may hit the ball simultaneously. This then applies, except for blocking, as two ball touches. After the block, each player, even if he has already touched the ball during the block, may play the ball again first. This is then the second ball touch in the rally. Above all, the ball may only be played with the arms perpendicular to the shoulder line both forwards and backwards over the net. This must take place from a stationary position (this rule only applies to 2 x 2). The ball may not be played overhead over the net in jump. Each first ball must be played with hard contact. Push balls are not allowed; only with hard contact (hard contact: smash, fist, knuckles of the hand) may the ball be played over the net. Time-outs are not allowed on time; only when a set is played is 1 time-out of 30 seconds allowed per team. It is not allowed to change during the match, except in case of injuries. Changes may only concern players who are registered with the organization as a participant of the registered team. In the event of an injury, a player may also be asked by another team that participates at the same or lower level in the tournament. This must be reported to the competition management. If there are no substitutions for an injury, then there may be an injury treatment of up to 3 minutes. For the 1st / 2nd division pool also the following rule applies: The ball is allowed in the overhand set-up, to rotate only once around its axis. The ball’s lateral rotation is always wrong. For the other levels, the above rule does not apply and the overhand ball cannot be rejected for too many rotations. In the 1st / 2nd division, there cannot be substitutions during the tournament, except in case of injuries. In all other cases not mentioned above, the competition management will decide. Protests will not be dealt with.

The organization of the Kroton Beach volleyball tournament is not liable for injuries suffered by participants during or through the tournament. This also applies to loss, theft or damage to property.

Should the tournament be canceled due to unforeseen circumstances (such as bad weather), partial refund of the registration fee will take place. Registration for the tournament can only be done in writing, whereby an e-mail also applies, as written. The cancellation is only valid if it has been read and confirmed by the matchsecretary. The cancellation can be sent to In case of cancellation before June 19, 2019, an administration fee of 5 euros will be charged. After 19 June 2019, no refund of the registration fee can take place.