Our committees


The technical committee is responsible for filling and keeping the teams.
The TC of 2018-2019:
Marcel Hummel – Chairman
Gea Alberts
Rebecca Hummel
Anouk van den Broecke
Anna Veltman


The counsel of the wise is the advisory board of the board. The members of the RDW are chosen by the board.
The RDW of 2018-2019:
Kayleigh van Bussel
Peter Postma
Anneleen Timmer
Tobias Grevelink


The SmoelenboekCie makes the smoelenboek of Kroton that comes every year. This almanac is given to every member. The smoelenboek can be used as a reference book and there are a lot of great stories and information about the club and the members.
The SmoelenboekCie of 2018-2019
Marleen Wierema – Chairman
Rebecca Rodrigues
Minke van Koningsveld
Marileen Rickelman
Jelle van Laar


Parties, drinks and home playing days. This is the territory of the AcCie. The AcCie organizes themeparties, socials, activities and so on.

The AcCie of 2018-2019:
Tobias Grevelink – Chairman
Laura Pikkaart
Emma Hulzebos
Pascale Kruize
Yahia Mostafa


The CommunicaCie of Kroton is responsible for most of the communication inside the club. They keep the Instagram updated, they make six Kroots and they keep our Facebook up to date.

The CommunicaCie of 2018-2019:
Tjarda Bergsma – Voorzitter
Clara Dessainte
Wytske de Jong
Ralitza Stoyanova
Helen McCarthy


Kroton Beach, The biggest beachvolleyball tournament of the North. Every year this tournament is organised by the BeachCie. For more information take a look at www.kroton.nl/beach
The BeachCie of 2018-2019:
Linda Janssen
Emma Radema
Deividas Vallius


The most exciting week of every year is of course the Keiweek. Our KeiCie makes sure that we can party all week and that we can show our club to all the other students.
The KeiCie of 2017-2018:
Anouk van den Broecke – Voorzitter
Iris Hogenkamp
Liset van den Belt
Ilona van Eldik
Anika Veenstra


The LustrumCie is responsible for organizing the Lustrum. The Lustrum is a five-year anniversary. In 2018-2019 celebrates Kroton their 55th anniversary.
The LustrumCie of 2018-2019:
Anneleen Timmer – Voorzitter
Peter Postma
Josta ten Wolthuis
Kayleigh van Bussel
Janneke Koster
Lisanne Blitterswijk


The function of the KasCie is to monitor the accountancy of the club. This is a committee for the treasurer.
The KasCie of 2018-2019:
Janneke Koster
Linda Janssen
Vincent Goossens

DKV Board

The DKV tournament is a tournament held by Donitas, Kroton and Veracles and takes place every year. DKV has an inside (for divisionteams) and an outside tournament.
For Kroton in the DKV board of 2018-2019:
Annegreet Bos
Jesse van Kapel
Vincent Goossens


Every two years there’s the VKDT-gala. This is a gala for Veracles, Kroton, Donitas and Tweeslag members.
For Kroton in the VKDT-committee of 2017-2018:
Anouk van den Broecke
Josta ten Wolthuis