Hitchhike contest – report

Kroton BeheerNews [ENG]

On Saturday the 16th of February, not volleyball, but the hitchhike contest was scheduled! We started at 9.23 on the Grote Mark to hitchhike as fast as possible to Bruges. We didn’t have much trouble finding our first ride. Our main goal was to get out of Groningen, and a few minutes later a blue/green car stopped with pink dices dangling from the rearview mirror (-15 minutes would be subtracted from our final time, yes!). At a carpool parking place we had to find a new ride and we found one all the way to Utrecht. The driver was going to the motorbike fair, so for 1,5 hours, the topic was mainly motorbikes. If we’d lost a lot of time or were behind the others, our last to rides would definitely have made up for that. With high speeds they raced on the highways (meanwhile, Dutch rap music was just as loud on the speakers) and like the last driver set: “Yes, but it would be nice if you’d win this?!” after I told him he could drive as fast as the speed limit and should not hurry just for us. But eventually, this racing led to our victory, around 15.30 we were the first ones to arrive in Bruges! Others had more difficulties finding rides out of Groningen, were dropped at closed gas stations, dropped alongside the highway or waited for 2 hours in Antwerp before they found a new ride. We all arrived in Bruges in the end, and enjoyed the Bruges beer, pizza and pasta and partying. Like one of the hitchhikers said: “It’s not about the destination, but about the journey to get there”.

– Janneke