New board introduced!

Kroton BeheerNews [ENG]

Last Monday, October 15th, the General Members’ Meeting (GMM) took place. For the first time in 15 years, the GMM was at a new location. The new location is restaurant Land van Kokanje. The GMM started at 7:03 pm in the beautiful large upper room. There was a fervent board election and debate between the Venema board and #bestuurdathettochnietgaatworden, which eventually retreated. Our (former) chairman Jesse van Kapel ended their board year with his emotional goodbye speech. This followed by a game of the candidate board, called Ranking the Board. Annegreet was the number one winner. Then it was time to discharge the current board and Board Venema took their place. We all felt a little weird to finally be the new board, the 55th board of V.V. Kroton. This is going to be a fantastic year with you all!