Our partners

A club like Kroton cannot exist without wonderful partnerships. Therefore we’d like to give them some well-earned credits.

Since 2013 Partycafé de Doos is the main sponsor and favourite bar of our club. Every month we have a social on Wednesday and every home game day ends here with (a few) drinks. These evenings are always a lot of fun with theme parties to dress up. Also, the logo of Partycafé de Doos is seen on our competition shirts. Partycafé de Doos is thé spot if you want to organise your birthday party or (graduation)socials. For more information, see www.cafededoos.com
Land van Kokanje is on the new competition shirts of the current season and the next five years. Our member meetings will be organized in their meeting room above the restaurant. Traditionally, the board is going to eat at Land van Kokanje before those meetings. In addition, the infamous and tasteful General Members Day Dinner is the next five years in this restaurant. For more information see: www.landvankokanje.nl
We’d love to inform you about the possibility to sponsor our club via Sponsorkliks. The principle is simple; every online purchase at one of the affiliated shops, Kroton receives some sponsoring. You’ll pay the same price as normal, but with every purchase Kroton profits of a part of the price. So you help our club for free, win win! At the homepage there is a banner of Sponsorkliks. By clicking on the banner you see an overview of all the affiliated shops, i.a. Bol.com, Wehkamp, Studieboeken.nl, Thuisbezorgd.nl and even Expedia and KLM. So are you going to book your holidays, or are you going to order pizza in tonight? Think of Sponsorkliks! That way sponsoring is not only easy, but also tasteful! www.sponsorkliks.com