Safety protocol during the grass field practices!

Kroton BeheerNieuws [NL]

Safety protocol

We can play volleyball again, but it will be outside! This is great, but we must keep it safe and at 1.5 meters distance. This means that a few things have been adjusted and that we cannot yet just play volleyball. We have 3 fields available on the golf course. To make it clear to everyone what the rules are, we inform you through this safety protocol and through posters on the website, facebook, Instagram and alongside the fields.

We play volleyball outside at 1.5 meters distance

This means that you follow the 1.5-meter rule 5 minutes before training, during training and after training. After the training (90 minutes), the association is not responsible for your behavior.

If you have symptoms, you stay at home

Communicate this with the board/trainer. You will also stay at home if someone in your household has been tested positive for the corona virus. Since you can get sick up to 14 days after the last contact with this person, you should stay home until 14 days after the last contact

Touch your face as little as possible and cough and sneeze in your elbow.

Playing on the grass fields

We play by the fields on the golf course. Around the fields there is enough space to keep 1.5 meters for people who are not playing volleyball, for example the supervisors and the substitutes. A supervisor of the Aclo is on site. This is also our contact point. We train with a maximum of 8 people on 1 field, so teams can play 4 against 4. Blocking is not allowed. You are supposed to stay on your own field. Only the trainer or supervisor is allowed to walk between the fields. Members can register via a google form. This form can be found in the newsletter or via the following link: The board ensures that the limit of 8 people is not exceeded.

Before the training you disinfect your hands

Disinfectant is next to the field. You will use this to clean your hands before entering the field. You also place your material (bag and shoes) 1.5 meters apart.

Disinfect the balls 

There is 1 ball bag with 5 balls per field. This bag is located in the room opposite the counter at the Aclo (lost and found) and can be picked up by 1 person and must also be returned by 1 person. Before the first practice begins, the balls should be disinfected with soap and water. The balls should also be disinfected with soap and water after each practice. This is done by 1 member of the team or the trainer. We ensure that buckets with soap and water are placed next to the fields to disinfect the balls

Adjusting the nets 

Adjusting the nets can only be done by the trainer and/or supervisors. The construction of the field is done by the first team and the dismantling and cleaning up by the last team. The materials for the field can be found at the same place as the balls.

Change time

You are not supposed to be on the field until 5 minutes before the start of the training. We train for 90 minutes with a 15-minute changeover time at the end of the training so that training groups intersect as little as possible. Everyone has left the accommodation as soon as possible after the training (no later than 10 minutes after the training). Of course, you keep 1.5 meters distance at all times.

Get changed

The Dressing Rooms of the ACLO are not open. So, come to the training in sportswear and shower at home.

High Five en yell

Obviously, the above is not possible, think of a nice alternative way together.

Comply with the safety protocol

We expect everyone who comes to practice, to adhere to the safety protocol. The board supervises this. If a member does not comply to the safety protocol, this will be appointed. If the rules are not observed several times, the member must leave the practice. If this happens 2 practice sessions, the member will be removed from the remaining practice sessions.